Case Study - Beverage Innovation: Avvale's Strategic Collaboration with AGUA Plus

The Opportunity

Our client, AGUA Plus, embarked on a mission to revolutionize the beverage industry by addressing a persistent and often underestimated problem - beverage and bottle confusion. It's a common scenario: you set down your drink, and within seconds, you can't tell which one is yours. This confusion, while seemingly trivial, has significant implications for health risks and environmental waste. As health-consciousness and environmental concerns continue to grow, beverage packaging waste has surged due to confusion over drink ownership.

AGUA Plus recognized the market's dire need for a solution. Their premium alkaline functional water, enhanced with electrolytes and minerals, offers a unique proposition. It's free from calories, fluoride, chlorine, sodium, and boasts a high pH of 9+. To complement their product, AGUA Plus developed an ingenious invention, the Patented Drink Label Patch. This patch, known as All-Scratch!, allows consumers to mark and identify their beverage in any cup, glass, or container. It's not only water-resistant but also ice-proof, condensation-proof, sun-resistant, heat-resistant, and resistant to mild rubbing.



Key Challenges

AGUA Plus faced several key challenges:

Confusion as a Leading Cause of Waste: The confusion around the ownership of beverages, especially in social settings, leads to the unnecessary discarding of drinks. Confusing labels exacerbate the issue, causing both food and plastic waste.

Growing Health and Sustainability Concerns:

Health-conscious consumers are increasingly looking for benefits from their beverages. Furthermore, sustainability has become a crucial consideration, with rising concerns about excess packaging waste.



Our Approach

AGUA Plus took a multifaceted approach to address these challenges and create a compelling investment opportunity:

Innovative Beverage Offering: They launched a premium alkaline water, Agua Plus, that not only catered to the health-conscious market but was also packaged in 100% rPET bottles, contributing to sustainability.

All-Scratch! Technology: They introduced the revolutionary All-Scratch! Technology, a patented solution that allows consumers to identify their beverage containers, thus reducing confusion and wastage.

Diversified Business Model: AGUA Plus offered both Agua Plus water and All-Scratch! as independent products. Additionally, they provided licensing for other brands to incorporate All-Scratch! into their products. The patch was also available for co-branding and white-labeling.


Developing a Compelling Investment Opportunity

AGUA Plus built its investment case by addressing two pressing issues: consumer health and environmental sustainability. They highlighted the fact that consumers were increasingly looking for health benefits in their beverages. With a premium alkaline water and the innovative All-Scratch! Technology, AGUA Plus catered to these needs and also tackled the confusion issue, contributing to sustainability.



Developing an Execution Strategy

AGUA Plus employed a comprehensive strategy to promote their products and technology:

Consumer Awareness: They leveraged partnerships with media companies and engaged in digital and social media marketing to grow consumer awareness.

Influencer & Affiliate Marketing: AGUA Plus worked with influencers and media affiliates to reach wider audiences and promote their products.

Strategic Partnerships: They established partnerships with distributors, retailers, casinos, and hotel brands to expand their reach.

AGUA Plus’s unique approach to enhancing consumer health and reducing beverage-related waste has positioned them as innovators in the industry.

The Impact

AGUA Plus's innovation has not only simplified the lives of consumers by ending beverage confusion but also significantly reduced the waste associated with drink mix-ups. This simple yet effective solution has led to environmental and financial benefits for both consumers and the beverage industry.


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