Business Plans Created by Experts to Boost Your Investment Prospects.

Avvale Consulting offers Bespoke Business Plans which incorporate Custom Models and Financial Analysis to accurately reflect your Business Ideas and Growth Potential to Investors in the Best Possible Light.

Get the right strategy support for raising capital, growing your business and expanding to new geographic regions by working with a world-class consulting firm.

Avvale’s Business Plans


Business Plans For Every Stage
of Your Startup

  • For Small to Medium Businesses Bespoke Business Plan

    Have a bespoke business plan created for your business. The business plans are best suited for Small to Medium Businesses that are seeking funding from the SBA or other similar investors. All Business Plan orders include a 60-minute consultation with one of our consultants.

    • Business Overview
    • Executive Overview
    • Company Strategy
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Management Team
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Industry & Market Analysis
    • Marketing Overview
    • 5-Year Financial Forecast
  • For Growing Companies Investor Pack

    An Avvale Investor Pack includes a Bespoke Business Plan, a 5-Year Financial Forecast, and a Pitch Deck to assist your business in its next funding round. All documents are designed to reflect your brand identity.

    • Bespoke Business Plan
    • 5-Year Financial Forecast
    • VC-Ready Pitch Deck
    • Investor List
    • 3+ Hours of Strategic Consulting

Avvale Client Showcase

To ensure client confidentiality, Samples can only be viewed during a meeting by setting up a consultation.

Avvale’s Testimonials

Avvale Testimonials

Avvale has an excellent track record of exceeding client expectations and going
the extra mile to ensure your startup gets the funding it needs.
  • The Avvale team helped us go from an idea to an actual startup that has raised funds and has initiated GTM in the UK.

    Dr. Yusuf CFO - Vacua Ltd
  • I appreciate the Avvale team’s thorough approach towards my request. They took the time to get the details right & made sure that I got results.

    Kate Sorenson CEO - Food Waste Startup
  • Very insightful, done in a timely manner. I would definitely work with the Avvale team again for our Series A round...

    Natasha Tatta CEO - Heritage Wills & Trusts

Avvale Customers

Our Process &

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    1 Kick-Off Video Call

    To discuss your startup and some mock investor style questions by our consultants in a Zoom video call.

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    2 Deck Creation & Design

    By our team of professional analysts, researchers, financial modelers and graphic designers.

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    3 Collaboration to Review

    Your business plan and refine the materials in a series of video calls with our consultants.


Ready To Discuss Your Needs?

Business Plans - Starting from £750/$1000

30 min Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation.

We will have an Informal Discussion about your Business, Fundraising Needs, Share our Expertise on bank loans including SBA Business Loans and initiate your Business Plan.


Why Invest In A Business Plan?

A business plan is an important tool for any business owner. By creating a plan, you can ensure that your business has a clear vision and that you're taking the necessary steps to achieve your goals. A business plan can help you secure funding, attract key employees, and measure success. If you're not sure where to start, set up a free consultation and our team will help you create a strong business plan to achieve your goals.

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    A business plan can guide you and keep you on track. Planning helps you keep organised and track your progress. A plan can assist you foresee and overcome roadblocks.

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    Business plans attract the best talent. Prospective workers will want to see that you have a clear company vision and are serious about attracting the finest talent and building a solid business foundation.

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    A business plan helps track development and success. Your plan's goals and benchmarks can help you assess your progress. A strategy can also help you spot company weaknesses.