Case Study - Empowering Real Estate Success || AVVALE'S Collaborative Success with Creekside Townhomes

The Opportunity

Creekside Townhomes, located in Killeen, Texas, is a compelling investment opportunity comprising 400 new-build B-Class apartment units. Situated on a vast 210-acre land parcel, this development project encompasses both multi-family and single-family residential units, accompanied by community amenities. The strategic location places these townhomes in proximity to essential infrastructure, including an international and domestic airport, schools, and established multi-family and single-family housing. The project's initial phase targets the construction of 200 units, requiring an equity investment of $8,000,000.



Key Challenges

Competitive Seller's Market: Killeen, Texas, is a highly competitive seller's market with a surge in demand for housing compared to available inventory, as of Q1 2022. This scenario has led to a significant increase in median listing home prices, up by 22.8% year-over-year, resulting in intense competition among homebuyers.

Raising Capital: To finance the first tranche of development, totaling $8,000,000, Creekside Townhomes planned to pre-sell 200 multi-family apartments with a $40,000 deposit for each unit. Managing this financial structure and payment schedule presented a challenge.

Our Approach

Avvale was entrusted with ensuring Creekside Townhomes had the necessary resources to secure the capital required for the project's successful execution. Our comprehensive approach involved the following steps:

Developing a Compelling Investment Opportunity: Avvale worked meticulously to present Creekside Townhomes as an attractive investment. We highlighted industry challenges, including the competitive housing market, and showcased the project's solutions. Emphasis was placed on the visual appeal of the investment proposal to captivate potential investors.

Showcasing the Project's Traction: We underscored the project's early success in the industry, particularly its strategic positioning and partnerships. This was achieved by spotlighting key partnerships and creating a historical achievements slide in the presentation, demonstrating credibility and promise.

Developing an Execution Strategy: Avvale went the extra mile by conducting interviews with high-ranking personnel at Creekside Townhomes and its strategic partners. This in-depth analysis allowed us to formulate a comprehensive execution plan, highlighting how the project would efficiently tackle multiple facets of the real estate industry while leveraging the expertise of its partners.

The culmination of these efforts resulted in an investment package characterized by compelling content and visually appealing materials. Remarkably, this package was completed in less than two weeks and played a pivotal role in the successful fundraising campaign for Creekside Townhomes.




Creekside Townhomes represents a prime example of Avvale's ability to address complex challenges in the real estate sector. By leveraging our expertise in crafting persuasive investment narratives, showcasing project traction, and formulating robust execution strategies, we empowered our client to secure the necessary capital for a transformative real estate venture. Creekside Townhomes is poised to make a substantial impact on the Killeen, Texas, housing market, contributing to the ongoing growth and prosperity of the region.

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