Case Study - Law Firm

The Problem:

The client approached Avvale Consulting to get a business consultation before starting their law firm in the USA. The client is a foreign national who needed assistance with the visa processing and acquiring an SBA loan which amounted to near a million dollars. The law firm would adopt a unique business model, and it was necessary to articulate the strategy accurately to the relevant authorities. 

The Solution: 

The company need business consultancy after facing issues securing funding and approvals for their business. To understand the core problem, we conducted research based on the following elements:

  • Company and Financing Summary
  • Strategic and Market Analysis
  • Marketing Plan
  • Financial Plan

While working with the client, we conducted a thorough market analysis to understand their industry. A business plan was drafted based on their unique business model and a financial model was created based on the previous year's financial performances of competitors in the area, projections were prepared and implemented, assuming that the Company will strive hard to provide the best quality services while remaining competitive in the industry to its current and prospective clients. Sales and Revenue forecasting were made up until 2024 to do an in-depth cash flow analysis.

Avvale Consulting provided the client with a comprehensive business plan and financial breakdown which helped the client get approval for a visa and secure a loan from the bank. 



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