Case Study - Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency Payments || Avvale's Collaborative Success with Walio

The Opportunity

In a world increasingly embracing digital currencies, Walio, a cutting-edge technology firm, identified a remarkable opportunity in revolutionizing cryptocurrency payments. Businesses faced challenges in implementing and maintaining efficient cryptocurrency payment gateways for their customers. Long transaction times, high fees, and price volatility hindered the seamless payment experience. Recognizing the potential to transform the payment landscape, Walio developed an advanced payment system that bridged blockchain payments, reduced transaction times and fees, and provided businesses with robust payment tools and billing solutions. The platform also offered a unique feature to secure the value of sales by converting payments into stable coins.

Key Challenges

  • Long Transaction Times & High Fees: Cryptocurrency payments often resulted in longer settlement times, leading to cash flow problems for businesses and delayed order confirmations for customers, negatively impacting the customer experience. Moreover, high fees discouraged customers from utilizing cryptocurrencies for payments.
  • Primitive Payment Solutions: Current payment solutions lacked comprehensive tools for managing payments, customer accounts, and creating complex orders. Businesses either sacrificed their specific requirements or invested resources in developing in-house tools.
  • Price Volatility: The inherent volatility of the cryptocurrency market posed a challenge for businesses, making it difficult to secure the value of sales during payment transactions.

Our Approach

Partnering with Walio, Avvale embarked on a collaborative journey to address these challenges and develop an all-encompassing payment solution that empowered businesses and customers alike. The approach involved:

  1. Bridge Blockchain Payments: Walio's pioneering technology implemented a multi-blockchain approach that significantly reduced transaction times and fees, offering a faster and more cost-effective way to accept and process cryptocurrency payments.
  2. Robust Payment Tools & Billing: Walio provided businesses with the capability to create detailed, itemized invoices, and recurring subscriptions for customers, offering them greater control over managing their transactions. The platform also enabled businesses to create product catalogs with varying prices for different currencies.
  3. Secure Value of Sales: Walio introduced tools that helped businesses secure the value of their payments by automatically converting payment amounts into stable coins. Additionally, merchants had the option to add payment padding to ensure the value of the sale.

Developing a Compelling Investment Opportunity

With Avvale's strategic guidance, Walio positioned its payment system as a trailblazing solution in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market. The investment opportunity highlighted:

  • The increasing global acceptance of cryptocurrencies among consumers, leading to a larger market with higher transaction volumes.
  • The growing demand for cryptocurrency payment gateways, with a substantial percentage of consumers planning to use cryptocurrencies for purchases.
  • The limitations of existing payment solutions, creating a significant market opening for Walio to offer comprehensive tools and features for businesses.
  • The potential for Walio to cater to diverse market segments, including individual customers, game developers, studios, and merchants.


Developing an Execution Strategy

Avvale collaborated with Walio to devise a robust execution strategy for a successful launch and expansion of its payment system. The strategy involved:

  • Geographical Expansion: Walio aimed to initially target the United Kingdom, North America, and Europe, with plans to expand into Asia-Pacific, focusing on native language support and region-specific products.
  • Market Segmentation: Walio aimed to target individual customers, small and medium-scale merchandisers, and large e-commerce portals through targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Marketing & Promotion: Walio planned to invest in spreading customer awareness, promoting the product, and acquiring customers through networking and diverse marketing channels.


Through strategic partnership, Walio succeeded in developing and launching its groundbreaking payment system, transforming cryptocurrency payments for businesses and customers. By effectively addressing the key challenges faced by businesses in implementing cryptocurrency payment gateways, Walio emerged as a robust and user-friendly platform.

The multi-blockchain technology, combined with the secure value of sales feature, positioned Walio as an innovative solution in the dynamic cryptocurrency market. As the platform expands its reach and garners widespread adoption among diverse market segments, Walio is poised to make a significant impact in
revolutionizing the way businesses accept and process cryptocurrency payments.

The company's commitment to continuous improvement and market expansion will create lasting value and growth opportunities for its investors.

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