Case Study - Revolutionizing SME Banking and Business Services || Avvale's Collaboration with ABELL GROUP

The Opportunity

Abell Group embarked on a mission to revolutionize banking and business services for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the UK. SMEs form a substantial portion of the UK's business landscape, accounting for over 60% of employment. However, they often face significant hurdles when it comes to accessing banking services, obtaining financing, and navigating complex business registration procedures.



Key Challenges

Cumbersome Process for Banking Services: Obtaining a business account and accessing funds via financing became arduous due to strict protocols, rules, and due-diligence procedures. SMEs often found themselves frustrated when trying to communicate with banks during problem-solving.

End-User Experience: Major banks' front and back-end processes were tailored primarily for large retail and corporate clients, creating friction-filled customer journeys for SMEs. Arbitrary bottlenecks in account opening, paperwork, financing, and rigid frameworks left many SME clients nonplussed.

Lack of SME-Specific Services: Financial institutions overwhelmingly provided services geared toward large businesses, leaving SMEs with few options tailored to their unique needs.



Our Approach

Abell Group devised a comprehensive approach to address these challenges:

State-of-the-Art Fintech Solutions: The company committed to developing state-of-the-art digital financial services (DFS) specifically designed to resolve the banking problems faced by SMEs. These innovative and customized fintech products, including digital loans and other credit solutions, aimed to streamline the lending and equity-capital raising processes, making them faster, easier, and more cost-effective. Customers would have constant access to their funds and currency accounts with leading foreign exchange rates.

Bespoke Services for Individual Clients: Abell Group prioritized service delivery through superior account management. Each client would receive fully tailor-made financial services from assigned management personnel. Support services would also be provided through qualified and trained staff to enable clients to utilize financial services with full confidence and ease. 24/7 live support would be accessible to users via Chatbot, Email, and Telephone.

Modern Streamlined Experience: Abell Group's products would offer a convenient and fully-integrated process for clients setting up a new business unit. From the initial paperwork to the final steps for accessing financial services, users would experience an end to unpredictable relations with their banks.



Developing a Compelling Investment Opportunity

Abell Group presented a compelling narrative for SMEs and potential investors:

Highlighted the significant market opportunity represented by the £2.3 trillion financial turnover of UK-based SMEs in 2022.

Emphasized the increasing importance of fintech banking services in the UK, expected to reach £622.4 billion in 2023.

Pointed out the 34.3% share of SME loans in total business loans in the UK.

Showcased the £57.7 billion amount lent to UK SMEs in 2021.



Developing an Execution Strategy

Abell Group planned a phased go-to-market strategy:

Online Banking & Company Registration Platform: Scaling online banking operations along with the company registration platform. These features would be accessible through mobile apps and online.

Abell Finance Systems and Information Technology Solutions Launch: As online banking operations scaled, the company would enter into fintech solutions tailored to provide SMEs with simple capital access. They would also offer information technology services for back-end to front-end financial operations, including web and mobile application support services.

Abell Business Corporation: Abell Money, a fintech business bank, designed to offer seamless, fully customized financial services for businesses. The focus would be on leveraging fintech solutions for UK SMEs and the business banking sector.

Abell Finance Systems: This segment would provide finance products for businesses seeking funds for new projects, stock purchases, ventures, or expansion of existing operations.

Abell Company Registration: Offering professional services that enable businesses to navigate complex paperwork and financial registration procedures, allowing them to get a head start. This service would be available through an online platform, simplifying the process of setting up a limited company online.

Abell Technology Solutions: Providing fully integrated information technology solution services, including back-end to front-end, web, and mobile application support services, for the company's clientele.

Abell Group's journey aimed not only to address the challenges faced by SMEs but also to transform the landscape of SME banking and business services in the UK.



In conclusion, Abell Group's proactive approach to addressing the challenges of SME banking and business services in the UK demonstrates their commitment to innovation and client satisfaction. Their state-of-the-art fintech solutions, personalized services, and modern streamlined experiences promise to significantly enhance SMEs' access to essential financial resources. Abell Group's comprehensive go-to-market strategy positions them as a key player in reshaping the landscape of SME finance, paving the way for a brighter future for small and medium enterprises in the UK.

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