Case Study - Shaping the Future of Content Creation: Avvale's Partnership with LoupeDeck

The Opportunity

LoupeDeck, founded in 2016, has emerged as a player in the rapidly evolving content creation and live streaming industry. With over $20 million in net revenue since 2017 and a diverse team representing 15 nationalities, LoupeDeck is poised for significant growth. This company has strategically partnered with industry giants like Razer and Wacom, forming a developer community of 770+ members and counting.

LoupeDeck's revenue and user base have seen substantial growth. Its hardware sales have already established a robust user base, and the introduction of the LoupeDeck marketplace in 2022 is expected to enhance content sales within its ecosystem. The company plans to continue hardware growth by releasing new products in collaboration with Razer and benefiting from a boost in streaming clients.


Key Challenges

Market Fragmentation: The creator economy is booming, with a global community of over 50 million creators. However, a significant portion of these creators, over 93%, identify as "amateurs," lacking access to resources tailored to their needs. The market is fragmented, with few integrated hardware and software solutions.

Monetization Complexity: Content creators often struggle to monetize their work effectively. They require tools and resources to navigate this complexity and generate compensation from their content.

Ecosystem Complexity: Tools, content, and services are scattered among various providers, resulting in limited interoperability and creating additional challenges for creators.


Our Approach

To tackle these challenges, LoupeDeck engaged Avvale to create a comprehensive strategy. Our approach consisted of:

Developing a Compelling Investment Opportunity: We emphasized LoupeDeck's unique selling points, particularly its ease of use. LoupeDeck is designed for both beginners and professionals, enabling users to start streaming right out of the box. The hardware, software, and marketplace form an integrated ecosystem designed for a seamless experience.

Showcasing Competitive Advantages: We highlighted LoupeDeck's four key competitive advantages: ease of use, all-in-one solution, a thriving community of developers and creators, and its versatile nature as a creation tool.

Strategic Partnerships: We underscored LoupeDeck's strategic partnership with Razer, a leading lifestyle brand for gamers. This partnership is set to expand LoupeDeck's product lineup, creating co-branded streaming controllers and enhancing the user experience.

Business Model Evolution: LoupeDeck's business model is evolving to include hardware sales, content marketplace, and a streaming app. The marketplace offers high-quality content from third-party providers and the community. Hardware sales are expected to grow, driven by the superiority of LoupeDeck's products. The streaming app will offer premium features through a monthly membership fee.

Market Opportunity: We discussed the substantial market opportunity, with LoupeDeck aiming to capture 50% of the streaming device market by 2025, translating to $75 million in revenue. This is achievable due to superior content in the marketplace, advanced hardware, key features like audio mixing, and developer-friendly tools.

Looking Forward

LoupeDeck is seeking $5 million for marketing and sales, including go-to-market strategies, marketing campaigns, and influencer partnerships. Additionally, they require $5 million in working capital and $15 million for research and development, focusing on building a seamless streaming app with integrated content marketplace and hardware controller integration.


LoupeDeck's journey exemplifies its readiness to empower content creators and streamers in a burgeoning digital landscape. Avvale's role in presenting LoupeDeck's unique advantages and its ability to address market challenges underlines the potential for transformative growth. LoupeDeck's innovative approach and strategic partnerships with industry leaders position it for continued success in the creator economy. This case study demonstrates how Avvale's expertise in crafting persuasive investment narratives can help visionary companies thrive.

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