Case Study - Transforming Enterprise Software Support: Avvale's Strategic Collaboration with XPERT Link

The Opportunity:

XPERT Link is a groundbreaking platform that connects end-users of enterprise software with product experts, simplifying the support process and improving customer satisfaction. Their innovative approach provides a solution to a critical challenge in the enterprise software market.


Key Challenges: 

Complex Enterprise Software: Enterprise software is often challenging for end-users to navigate. Many end-users are forced to acquire licenses through intermediary agencies because dealing directly with the software is complex.

High Customer Support Costs: On average, SaaS companies spend 11% of their recurring revenue on customer support. Reducing this cost is essential for improving profitability.

Lack of Integration and Support: It can be difficult for businesses to implement and maintain enterprise technology if they don't have in-house expertise, causing delays and customer frustration.



Our Approach:

XPERT Link addressed these challenges through a multifaceted approach:

Creating a Marketplace of Product Experts: XPERT Link built a network of product experts who can provide expert-level support to end-users. This approach strengthens software companies' economic positions by diversifying their customer base and encouraging end-users to buy more licenses.

Seamless Integration: XPERT Link integrated directly with enterprise software, allowing end-users to easily access product experts, simplifying the customer support process.

Bespoke Expert Matching: XPERT Link matches end-users with the best product experts within 24 hours. This personalized approach significantly improves customer experience.


Developing a Compelling Investment Opportunity:

XPERT Link's platform offers the opportunity to reduce support costs, improve customer satisfaction, and drive additional revenue for software companies. By creating a marketplace of experts, they transform complex software into a user-friendly experience.



Developing an Execution Strategy:

  • Sourcing and managing a team of product experts for their enterprise software clients.

  • Integrating seamlessly with enterprise software, making it easy for end-users to find experts.

  • Providing bespoke expert matching within 24 hours.

  • Building a managed private community forum for experts.

  • Offering insights from Customer Intent Graph data.


The result is a closed-loop system that captures intent, matches with vetted experts on demand, and significantly improves the end-user experience.


XPERT Link has successfully addressed critical challenges in the enterprise software market, making it easier for businesses to implement and use complex software. Their innovative platform is poised to disrupt the market by integrating people into the core software experience, reducing support costs, and driving additional revenue for software companies.


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