Case Study - Zambian Automotive Tech Startup

Case Study - Zambian Automotive Tech Startup


The Opportunity


Our Client, A Canadian Conglomerate, recently acquired a Zambian company that had created a coalition of partners in the Automotive, Energy and Innovation realms. The company with the help of its strategic partners aimed to transform the car-buying experience in Zambia by delivering exceptional vehicles and premium accessories directly to customers. 


The automotive industry in Zambia presents a significant opportunity for growth and development. The country's strategic location as a landlocked nation in Southern Africa makes it a crucial transit hub for the movement of goods and people across the region. Additionally, the growing middle class and increased urbanization have led to an increase in demand for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Despite these favorable conditions, the industry has faced several challenges, including high import tariffs and a lack of domestic manufacturing capabilities. However, with the right approach and strategic partnerships, there is significant potential for the industry to grow and flourish in Zambia.


Despite the positive market conditions and initial success, the company was faced with the challenge of having limited resources and an inability to scale and secure significant market share. The business realized their need to raise additional capital and faced difficulties in fundraising without a well-thought out pitch deck, prompting them to seek Avvale’s guidance. 


Key Challenges


  • Limited access to potential investors due to a lack of industry connections or networking opportunities.
  • The business knew that it needed capital to scale but had not thought through the usage of funds failing to discuss where and how the investor’s capital would be used to gain a competitive advantage in the market. 
  • Most importantly, There was a lack of a Well-thought out investment narrative describing the potential for growth and success in the Zambian Automotive Market. 


Our Approach 


Avvale was tasked with ensuring that the business had everything it needed to raise the investment capital needed to succeed. This involved understanding the local market, crunching the numbers to come up with the exact capital that was needed, and finally creating an investment pack that included all the information a potential investor would need to learn about the business. 


Developing a Compelling investment Opportunity - Avvale showcased the company in the best possible light. Specifically, we focused on the problems and challenges in the industry and our client’s solutions to these problems while focusing on the visual appeal of the pitch deck. 


Showcasing Startup Traction - Our Client had already been relatively successful in the industry and had signed strategic partnership agreements with some of the biggest names in the automotive industry. Avvale showcased this early success in the pitch deck by shining a light on the partnerships and creating a historical achievements slide in the pitch deck. 


Developing an Execution Strategy - The Avvale team went the extra mile by interviewing every high-ranking employee at the company along with its strategic partners to understand the operations of the business. This was done to create an execution plan showing how the business will be able to tackle multiple sub-industries at the same time by tapping into the expertise of its strategic partners. 

 Zambian Automotive Industry Tech Startup Case Study

The Investment Pack with stunning content and visuals was completed in less than 2 weeks and was at the backbone of the successful fundraising campaign by our client. 

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